A couple of conferences happened towards the end of last year, so we asked the attendees to give the rest of us a bit of an overview. First up was the nicely-named PPIG, which is apparently the annual conference of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group. Both Ben and Edgar attended, but we’ve got Edgar talking about another conference so this one was all Ben’s! After all, he did chair a couple of the sessions.

This year the conference was held at the London Metropolitan University at the end of November. There were three days of presentations divided into various subjects, with papers falling into either Work in Progress or Full Technical Paper categories. There was also a Doctoral Consortium for the PhD students, which Edgar attended.

Whilst each of the sessions was interesting, one paper that particularly caught the imagination of the group was “Sketching by Programming in the Choreographic Language Agent” presented by Luke Church. The core concept was using a computer to capture the choreography of a dancer, and reflecting that back to them in a modified manner. That reflection then could spark new ideas for the dancers, and is quite a different idea than using the exact mirroring to teach moves or proprioception that has been seen in other areas.

The full conference proceedings do not seem to have been published yet, which is a shame! Fingers crossed they will be soon.

Lab meetings are back in full swing now, after what has seemed like quite an extended break. The new term has begun, so fingers crossed it’s a good one!