1. Name

Ben du Boulay

2. Role

Retired founder member of group

3. Mac or PC?


4. What is your favourite book?

It’s a book of a radio play – Under Milk Wood

5. How did you get here? 

I was a lecturer in Computer Science at Aberdeen prior to coming to Sussex.  Before that I had done my PhD at Edinburgh in the AI Department and had worked as a school teacher and in industry as a programmer/analyst.

6. What are you working on right now?

Developing a pedagogy around motivation and affect, and understanding the problems of learner programmers.

7. Where do you take your inspiration from?

I’m eclectic, but I particularly like the work of Tanja Mitrovic and that of my friend Hugh Noble who continues to be creative and thoughtful about many issues, both academic and political, long after he retired.

8. What is the biggest challenge you face in your work?

The lack of fine grained data.

9. What else do you like to do?

Walking on the Downs, landscape photography, playing badminton.

10. What’s next for you?

Gentle decline.