On Friday we had the School of Engineering and Informatics Postgraduate Poster Presentation. This is an annual event, where Masters and PhD students present an A1 poster of their work. Second year PhD students are required to present as part of their annual review, so this year that meant Edgar and Ellie were up.

Edgar talking someone through his poster

Ellie discussing her poster

It was much busier than expected! The room was pretty packed out, and rather warm.

Many people attended

There were a pretty wide range of subjects covered, with a variety of Master’s courses represented as well as a number of research groups with PhD students present. It’s a great way to get an overview of what’s happening in the school, and one of the few events that gives that kind of ‘whole school view’. It’s also a useful exercise for many of the participants, as posters are a great way to start getting published at conferences and this is a good chance to learn. There were a good number of faculty members there, making it a good opportunity to meet people you don’t often talk to.

Sadly, neither Edgar nor Ellie won the prize for best PGR poster. That went to Andrew Robertson from the Text Analytics Group, with his poster entitled “Extracting syntactic structure from microblogs”. Nice work, Andy!