The lab meetings have now officially finished for the term. The undergraduates have left the buildings, the Masters students are frantically working on dissertations, and the PhD students have barely noticed.

As a lab group, we may have the odd meeting scheduled in if something interesting turns up, but we are into the season for something known as ‘holidays’. We aim for a social lunch once a week, so if you’re around and fancy a natter, meet us at 12.30 in the Interact lab on Fridays. If the weather’s nice we may even venture outdoors.

Over the course of the summer we are going to have a series of posts on the lab members, introducing them by way of a standard questionnaire. This will be in no particular order (it’s going to depend mostly on the order people return their answers!) but will start this very Friday. Hopefully we will also get a few posts on research from various lab members as well. So worry not! There will continue to be blog updates, even though the lab meetings are (temporarily) no more.