At our weekly lab meeting[1] this week we were discussing the links that the group already had both to other groups and departments within Sussex, other groups and departments at other universities, and potentially with local non-academic organisations as well.

We started with the historical founding of the group. The group was born as a part of the COGS school – Centre for research in cognitive science, a mixture of AI, psychology, a bit of philosophy and linguistics. COGS itself has been disbanded but the ‘brand’ is still in use, with a series of seminars. Some of the newer members of the lab are not on the COGS mailing list, so we need to get that sorted.

The chatlab connection with Nicola Yuill stems from this time. Nicola actually turned up at our meeting too, which is good! Turned out she has an interesting-sounding presentation happening in her lab this week, so that was timely. She also has a project on the go with Bill Keller, which is another link back to Informatics.

Staying slightly in the past we started looking at links to groups at other universities. These seem to have mostly come about through joint projects, where the PIs form the relationship that then trickles down to other members of the teams. Eric was saying he still gets emails from the Mixed Reality Lab in Nottingham and offered to send them around if he thought it would be of interest.

Our current projects link us to both IDS and the BSMS, along with Edinburgh.

There were some discussions about potential links – e.g. SPRU – but a potential danger was highlighted that we may end up being technology providers rather than research partners. Not necessarily, but it is something that we need to be aware of when we work with partners in other areas.

Of course, Brighton has a really healthy web/mobile industry, so we talked a bit about that. Members of the groups had links with various companies mostly through personal relationships. In addition to the companies there are lots of interest groups in Brighton which might be interesting to have more awareness of. We highlighted groups like BuildBrighton, dotBrighton,  citycampbrighton, Async, BNM (Brighton New Media) all of which might be places for us to share ideas or source local expertise. The Brighton Illustrators Group and BANG were mentioned as potential sources for making our work look better!

So many links! Lots of exciting possibilities!

[1] every Friday in term time, 11 am, Interact Lab